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Brioche Dorée Brest-Kergaradec celebrates its 10th anniversary: ​​Gourmet celebration

The tantalizing smell of fresh baked goods, the exquisite taste of soft brioche, and the calming benefits of CBD come together for an exceptional celebration! We are delighted to announce a special collaboration between Brioche Dorée and Herbeevor , which marks a unique moment in the history of these two brands. 🎉

A Decade of Delights

Brioche Dorée Brest - Kergaradec is celebrating 10 years of culinary excellence, and to mark this decade of delights, they have decided to create a memorable event that will delight your taste buds. From October 2 to 7, their emblematic Brest Kergaradec café will be the scene of gastronomic festivities. 🥐☕

Herbeevor: At the heart of the event

And guess what? Herbeevor is in the game! We are proud to support Brioche Dorée in this delicious adventure by providing an incredible JACKPOT and 50 CBD product kits to win. 🌿🎁

How to participate

Participating is simple :

  1. Visit Brioche Dorée Brest Kergaradec between October 2 and 7.
  2. Taste your favorite dishes and take a photo of your experience.
  3. Share this photo on social media with the hashtags #10AnsBriocheDorée and #Herbeevor .
  4. Stay tuned to find out if you won!

Prizes to be won

The highlight of this event will be the awards ceremony, and they are big:

  • Jackpot : Prepare to be dazzled by a Herbeevor gift basket filled with our high-quality CBD products!
  • 50 Product Kits : Fifty lucky people will have the chance to win a Herbeevor kit containing a selection of our most popular products.

Don't miss this unique celebration

This special birthday week is a rare opportunity to savor the delights of Brioche Dorée while discovering the benefits of CBD with Herbeevor . It's also a chance to win great rewards. So, mark your calendar and get ready to take part in this festive event! 🥳🥖

Stay tuned for more details, and we look forward to seeing you at Brioche Dorée Brest Kergaradec to celebrate together! 🌿🤝

Stay tuned with Herbeevor for more exciting news, and thank you for being part of our incredible community. 💚📢

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