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HerBeevor: The new CBD store in Brest!

HerBeevor, the new store located in the Kerinou district of Brest , opened its doors on May 9, 2023, offering residents a diverse selection of cannabidiol (CBD) products. By standing out, the establishment highlights its desire to dispel the prejudices and concerns often associated with the cannabis plant.

Offering a variety of products:

  • Flowers and resins
  • food (drinks, cakes, oils, sweets)
  • cosmetics (massage oils, creams, serum, deodorant...)
  • pet products

HerBeevor stands out for its guarantee to contain no traces of THC for the finished products, the main psychoactive component of cannabis. Mathis Roncey, the store's co-founder, insists their priority is to avoid confusion and break down misguided stereotypes that can stoke fears among the uninitiated.

Structure and environment:

At a time when CBD is attracting more and more interest and enthusiasm, HerBeevor is positioning itself as a player committed to the dissemination of accurate information on the benefits of CBD, while respecting safety and legal standards. The HerBeevor "Ty Zefs" team is committed to creating a welcoming environment, conducive to education and exchange, so that each client can make informed choices with confidence.
The opening of this specialty store is a testament to the evolution of the hemp industry and the growing acceptance of CBD products in society. HerBeevor is positioned as a local player who wishes to actively participate in this dynamic by offering a unique experience and quality service to its customers.

What to expect in store?

By visiting HerBeevor, you will be able to discover a wide range of carefully selected CBD products, all from reliable sources and meeting the highest quality standards. Whether you are looking for products to improve your well-being, your beauty or the comfort of your pets, HerBeevor will provide you with products adapted to your specific needs.
Don't let preconceptions rob you of the benefits of CBD. HerBeevor is here to support you, answer your questions and help you explore the many possibilities offered by CBD-based products. Join us in Brest, in the Kerinou district, and discover a new perspective on cannabis, focused on quality, transparency and trust.
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