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Optimize your sleep with CBD

When Morpheus seems to have taken a permanent vacation or sleep is more capricious than a wild cat, the search for solutions does not have to become an additional nightmare. Aimed at notorious insomniacs, repentant night owls, or even those whose night is an uninterrupted series of impromptu awakenings, this column presents CBD as a potential ally for quality sleep. Deciphering the effects of this substance, advice for use and explanation of the mechanisms of action, here is a set of keys to unlock the doors to the land of dreams.

Effects of CBD on sleep

CBD: Sleep Regulator

If the word “insomnia” conjures up sleepless nights counting sheep, then we must welcome cannabidiol under the acronym CBD, like a knight in shining armor. The latter shows self-sacrifice in regulating sleep. In research conducted by BBC News in 2018, encouraging conclusions were drawn. For example, instead of fiddling with the button awakening at late hours, a dose of CBD before bed can help you calmly slalom between phases of dream and of deep sleep.

Benefactor of Sleep Quality

Now, for those who sleep but wake up as rested as a weather vane in a storm, CBD offers some serious promise. This compound carries the troubles from sleep to the exit door, with breathtaking efficiency, significantly improving the quality of sleep. It is a true circadian choreography, mixing the cycle deep and cycle light sleep. To highlight these beneficial effects, here are a few points:
  • CBD fights insomnia with authority.
  • It helps people suffering from jet lag to fall asleep peacefully.
  • He erected a barrier against the restless nights.
  • It contributes to a awakening fresh and invigorated.

The cure for insomnia

On the battlefield of troubles sleep, CBD reigns supreme thanks to its relaxing effects. Someone is suffering from insomnia chronic? CBD intervenes as a savior and fights the enemy with vigor. There are many ways to benefit from its effects. Either it's about capsules, drops to place under the tongue, or even a massage with infused oils , CBD is there, ready to cure insomnia in the land of dreams . Like a new ally, ready to help regain that unobtainable sleep, this cycle of deep sleep which once seemed like a simple fairy tale.

Using CBD to Improve Sleep

CBD, a relaxing arsenal for sleep quality

You know what's better than a good night's sleep sleep to feel ready to conquer the world? For some, obtaining a rest optimal remains, however, an arduous quest. Enter the light of CBD , natural remedy which calls for sleep repairer.

Various forms of CBD make it possible to adapt to the specific needs of each person. Oils and tinctures provide sublingual administration fast and efficient for relaxation immediate. THE CBD capsules are distinguished by the notion of attention, there systematic release of CBD promotes a peaceful night without stress. More unusual, we find CBD edible products, chocolate candies, for those who wish to combine business with pleasure.

Administration of CBD to relieve stress

THE recommended dosage of CBD for the sleep however remains crucial in order to capsize the stress in a bath of calm.

Generally, it is suggested to start small, with a daily dose of 5 to 10 mg . For everyone, it is relevant to adjust the dose according to their specific needs, until balance is achieved. perfect between sleep And rest. Higher doses are effective in combating insomnia or stress linked to sleep, but taking it gradually is the key.

We have thus shed light on the role of CBD as an agent of sleep. However, it remains necessary to demonstrate discernment to individualize its use.

Mechanisms of action of CBD on sleep

Endocannabinoid system and CBD - A nighttime masked ball

Did you know that CBD, or if you are a purist, the cannabidiol , interacts with something called endocannabinoid system (ECS) ? Well, even if you didn't know it, it's time to find out. It seems that this very large and complex system plays a vital role in optimizing sleep. THE DRY contains various receptors endocannabinoids that CBD grows gently like on a swing, thus promoting better sleep. The effects of this interaction are multiple and different for each individual, depending largely on their own endocannabinoid functioning.

CBD leads the way with neurotransmitters

Suspicious of sleep disorders, some will say, but what does CBD really do? How does it help regulate the rhythm of dreams? Simply, CBD sets the tone for our neurotransmitters related to sleep. He invites them to dance and act better. Apparently neurotransmitters are naturally shy, they need a dance partner. Their increased use thanks to the impact of CBD allows them to function more efficiently, thus calming our disturbed minds and facilitating a good night's sleep.

Stress, anxiety and CBD: A daring trio for better sleep

Now, enough of the festive chatter, let's get down to business. Several studies suggest that CBD could help reduce stress and anxiety, thereby improving sleep quality. Stress, that nasty monster hidden under the bed, is banished thanks to the soothing melody of CBD. Anxiety, that nasty beast in the closet, is also put to rest by this same melodious CBD. The trio formed by stress, anxiety and CBD seems formidable against insomnia. So, if these pests come into your night, a little dose of CBD might just show them the door.

Tips for Optimizing the Use of CBD for Sleep

The CBD tempo

The time of consumption CBD could be just as essential as the treatment itself. Imagine having a cup of lemongrass while dawn is still in the gap schedule, you would feel a little agitated, is not it ? Indeed, a study published by Medical News Today in 2020 revealed that taking CBD could reduce the frequency of nightmares, which could by extension improve the quality of sleep. And the best? Just take your CBD a few hours before to sleep.

A dream wedding: relaxation, meditation and CBD

THE CBD comes with a sidekick, relaxation. Together, they master the art of pace sleep. Add a pinch of meditation to this combination and you have a recipe for restful sleep. Here's a tip: practice simple relaxation techniques, such as abdominal breathing, relaxation muscular progressive, visualization and even yoga if you feel like it.

Precedence and caution with CBD

THE CBD has many other aspects. Caution and consideration are required when using it for sleep. Like a wise traveler, keep your caution bag with you. The road to good sleep may be a little bumpy with some adverse reactions.

Playing doctor: interaction of CBD with medications

THE CBD is no more a loner than we are. Of course, it interacts with other medications. It is therefore wise to consult your doctor before using the CBD to sleep, especially if you are already taking medication. Be careful, because the mixture of CBD with other medications could create unforeseen chemistry.

Review and adjustment

Congratulations, you have started your journey to better nights of sleep deep thanks to CBD . However, monitoring regular is necessary to verify the effectiveness of the CBD on your sleep. Adjust the dosage if necessary, such as fine-tuning to find the perfect balance. Do not forget, reduce stress and anxiety with CBD daily is as essential as sleeping. And sleep with him CBD only reinforces this well-being.
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