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Positive impact of CBD on the body thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties

Everyone knows that cannabidiol, or CBD, is a popular substance thanks to its many benefits. But did you know that this cannabis extract has anti-inflammatory properties? This article explores this aspect and its usefulness in the treatment of inflammatory diseases. It will also highlight the usefulness of CBD as an anti-inflammatory dietary supplement and ingredient in cosmetics. Only one question remains: What could be your best ally against inflammation? Perhaps, CBD is the answer.

Properties anti-inflammatories CBD

When the cannabinoids play ping-pong with the receptors CB2

Have you ever played ping pong with a bottle of CBD? No? Well, your body, he loves it! Imagine a frantic game where the CBD would be the little ball bouncy and your receptors CB2, the players insatiable. The impact CBD on these receptors is, at the same time soothing And calming, which helps to relieve the pain. It looks like your body has finally found its ideal table tennis opponent!

CBD, this picky arbiter against inflammatory enzymes

On the other hand, CBD plays the role of a strict referee that keeps inflammatory enzymes out of play. However, it's not just his whistle that causes these flaming enzymes to react. Here is a list of 4 stubborn CBD attributes that drive back inflammatory enzymes:
  • Flashy: CBD attracts the attention of enzymes and distracts them from their inflammatory activities.
  • Diplomat: It pacifies the tensions between these enzymes and the body, thus limiting their inflammatory process.
  • Strategist: Like a chess expert, CBD blocks the movement of enzymes that trigger inflammation.
  • Charmer: Our organisms seem to fall under the spell of CBD, which acts as a calming, restoring the peaceful playground of the cells.

Thus, CBD proves that even in the absence of a twirling racket or a sharp whistle, it is possible to have a impact significant on inflammation. This is why your body cherishes this complex and incessant game of ping-pong so much.

Impact of CBD on inflammatory diseases

Less arthritic arthritis

It's like a bad pun, but for those living with arthritis , it might bring a smile. After all, the British Journal of Pharmacology has indeed confirmed a Incidental interaction between CBD and inflammation . Indeed, CBD would be able to reduce inflammation by inhibiting the production of certain pro-inflammatory cytokines . We are not facing the invention of the wheel but, between us, who would calm arthritis without a good old standoff with inflammation ?

The return of smiles in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases

Spending your day in the toilet isn't exactly your idea of ​​an exciting life. Thank goodness CBD might just bring a touch of optimism. Not only the activity anti-inflammatory of CBD could influence the reduction intestinal inflammation , but it could also promote protection thanks to its interaction with the endocannabinoid system . Calling the toilet will perhaps become less urgent, or even child's play!

Fibromyalgia: A little respite with CBD

Imagine yourself constantly struggling with a dull, persistent pain - a kind of pain disco. Well, that's where CBD comes in, offering the promise of easing that hellish pain. Thanks to his effects anti-inflammatories , CBD might just help reduce pain sensitivity and hopefully silence those pesky aches.

Migraines? CBD to the rescue!

It is commonly believed that migraines are like having four hammers constantly banging into your skull. Again, surprise, surprise: CBD could help. When inflammation plays spoilsport, CBD kicks in . Their dispute allows a reduction notable migraines. Subtly, CBD could adjust the concentration of some substances in the brain and, goodbye migraines, let's party!

Using CBD as an anti-inflammatory treatment

Have you ever seen inflammation? Not very pretty, is it? Inflammation is like jam on bread, you never really need it. But when you have, let's say, too much, it becomes downright painful. So, what to do? We could opt for classic medications, anti-inflammatory sprays, or even, unfortunately, for a cooler filled with ice cubes...

That would be without counting on our superhero of the day, Cannabidiol, better known by the sweet name CBD. Be careful, don't think that it's because it has a family resemblance with cannabis that it will send you back to the hippie years. No not at all ! It is much more reasonable and useful than that. CBD would actually be a real blur for symptoms of inflammation.

Even better, CBD is not only intended for cleaning , it also offers a gentle answer to inflammation by acting directly on the cells responsible for this barbarity. What should we understand by this? Imagine a huge orchestra. The inflammations, these rowdy trumpeters, play at the top of their lungs, disrupting all the rest of the instruments. CBD, a wise maestro, then intervenes, allowing everyone to find their harmony. THE pain, swelling and redness fade as if by magic.

So yes, the process can seem a bit complicated, as can pronouncing "endocannabinoides" without slurring. That said, let's recognize that our CBD does a good job. Who would have thought that a simple plant could become our zen health partner in no time! Is he going to the trouble of doing all this because he has such a big heart or is it just for us scramble the neurons with word games ? It doesn't matter, as long as the inflammation is no longer present!

Use of CBD as a dietary supplement anti-inflammatory

It all starts on the plate

The phrase “We are what we eat” sounds like something from a hippie nature fair flyer, yet it is backed up by modern science. THE food anti-inflammatories , including fruits and fresh vegetables, nuts , seeds and whole grains, work wonders for digestion, while promoting a microbiota happy. The added bonus is that these food are also filled with vitamins.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Nut
  • Seeds
  • Whole grains

CBD, the final touch

How about giving this diet a little extra boost and making it super powerful? Enter: cannabidiol, or CBD. According to a study published in Forbes in 2018, CBD may help reduce inflammation , a particularly appealing attribute for those with joints that creak more than an old swing on the family tree. So what could be more logical than including CBD as a dietary supplement in your anti-inflammatory diet? Think of it as the icing on the cake, only that icing is also a strangely effective anti-inflammatory agent. And thanks to the Forbes study, we know that it does not harm the body, quite the contrary.

Use of CBD in cosmetics anti-inflammatories

Hilarious creams for problem areas skin inflammatory

It is said that CBD and skin love each other so much that they are inseparable. A romance more intimate than that of Romeo and Juliet, more tumultuous than that of Bonnie and Clyde! THE CBD creams are so effective for problems of skin inflammatory diseases that they have received the blessing of many dermatologists. Whether for dermatitis sensitive or a allergy dancing, CBD cream always saves the day. It's like you're rocking your skin with a gentle rock and roll of care.

Anti-aging serums or the fountain of youth

The ultimate fantasy of every human being: to become younger! What if I told you that it’s possible thanks to the CBD anti-aging serum? No one said CBD wouldn't turn you into a charming, radiant Benjamin Button. These serums are so amazing that they make brands lose their minds cosmetics luxury. Okay, they won't make you 20 years younger in one application, but I promise your skin sensitive will be happier and more radiant than she has ever been.

Inflammatory body scrubs, hidden pleasure

Who doesn't appreciate a good body scrub? It's almost therapeutic! However, if your skin is prone to inflammation, scrubs can feel more punitive than therapeutic. Fortunately, the CBD warrior is here to combat your problems. skin inflammatory with its shield of body scrubs. Prepare yourself for an experience of care which is a true little paradise on earth. Give your skin the happiness she deserves with the anti-inflammatory CBD scrub. In conclusion, CBD never ceases to amaze us with its incredible effects on our skin. There's nothing CBD can't do!
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