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The role of natural hemp-based cosmetics in the French industry

Whether you are a fervent defender of nature, a fan of organic cosmetics, or simply curious to learn how a once-controversial plant is now making its way into the French industry, this article is for you. From the origin of hemp to French regulations, including its cosmetic benefits and its marketing, this information will enlighten the most skeptical minds and strengthen the conviction of those already convinced. So get ready to discover the unsuspected potential of hemp in our national industry!

Origin of Hemp

Ah, hemp! This plant with a thousand and one virtues which has carved out a place of choice in the French cosmetics industry. You might think that its use is recent, but think again! Hemp has been cultivated for thousands of years for its strong fibers used in making ropes and textiles. But back to our pots of cream. It was in the 1970s that hemp entered the cosmetic scene thanks to its richness in essential fatty acids and antioxidants. A true cocktail of love for our skin! And then one day, someone had the idea awesome (or completely crazy) to extract cbd - you know this non-psychoactive component of cannabis - to integrate it into natural hemp-based cosmetic products . Since then, we have found this little green wonder everywhere: moisturizing creams, anti-aging serums, soothing balms... A real French success story which proves that we can be trendy while remaining faithful to ancestral traditions.

Natural Cosmetic Benefits

Moisturizing Powers to Make a Cactus Pale

It seems that hemp, this multifaceted plant, has decided to attack the desert... at least the one that reigns on your skin. Natural hemp-based cosmetics have moisturizing power extraordinary . For what ? Here are some reasons:

  • They contain essential fatty acids .
  • They promote water retention in the epidermis.
  • They strengthen the skin barrier.
  • They bring a feeling of immediate comfort .

Anti-inflammatory: Hemp does better than aspirin!

Not content with being an excellent ally against dry skin, hemp also turns out to be a formidable anti-inflammatory. A study published in 2019 by the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology highlights the impressive capabilities of natural hemp-based cosmetics to reduce skin inflammation. And that's not all ! These products also help to improve the skin barrier and therefore protect our skin like real plant armor.

A woman standing in front of a mirror, with a pot of cannabis cream placed on the edge of the sink. - The photo is realistic with beautiful colors.

Legality and French Regulation

Ah, France! Land of wine, baguettes and... hemp? Well yes, my dear friends. The beautiful nation is embracing natural cosmetics based on hemp with a passion that could make a Gallic rooster blush.

It must be said that the French government is not exactly known for its sense of humor when it comes to regulations . However, in this specific case, they were able to show a certain flexibility. As long as the THC level (the substance that gives smokers their blissful little smile) remains below 0.3%, all is well in the best of all possible worlds.

This means that you can freely use the oil from the seeds or the fibers to concoct all kinds of beauty elixirs without fear of an impromptu assault by French special forces on your bathroom.

So yes ! Long live France and long live its hemp cosmetics! A country where you can be chic and eco-friendly without worrying too much about the draconian laws on drugs... As long as you don't exceed this famous limit of 0.3% of course.

Manufacturing and Marketing

CBD extraction: a delicate dance

Have you ever tried to squeeze the juice out of an orange with your bare hands? This is a bit like how we extract cannabidiol ( cbd ) for our natural hemp-based cosmetics. Except that here, we are not talking about simply squeezing oranges, but rather about carefully handle this green and fragrant plant to extract the green gold . A small allusion to cannabichromene (CBC), it is another component of hemp which also has its own extraction dances.

Manufacturing of Cosmetics: the magic happens

Once our precious CBD has been extracted, it is time to move on to the next phase: transforming this golden liquid into cosmetic products. Imagine an army of little green elves working day and night to concoct your moisturizing creams, essential oils and other lip balms. A complex process where science and nature meet in a harmonious waltz.

Distribution on the French Market: green conquest

And There you go ! Our products are ready to be launched on the French market! But be careful, they don't arrive discreetly like a shy guest at a social evening... No! They enter the spotlight like rockstars! Their mission? To introduce French consumers to the unsuspected benefits of hemp while bringing a “green” touch to their beauty routines daily.

Future in French Industry

The future of natural hemp-based cosmetics in the French industry looks as bright as a Hollywood star's complexion after a caviar facial treatment. Imagine an army of moisturizing, anti-aging and soothing products hitting the shelves of pharmacies and supermarkets. Hemp is ready to conquer France, with its rustic charm and its tempting promises.

  • Facial creams that make wrinkles disappear like magic.
  • Body oils that make your skin soft like that of a baby.
  • Lip balms that give you a smile worthy of a toothpaste commercial.
  • And even shampoos that promise voluminous and shiny hair without having to go to the hairdresser.

Without forgetting that these wonders are concocted with love in France! And if we add a little touch of cannabinoids – yes yes, these small molecules with much-vaunted medical virtues we obtain an explosive cocktail ready to revolutionize our daily beauty routine .

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