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Discover the crazy and beneficial world of JEANNETTE

Are you wondering why HerBeevor chose to partner with a brand called JEANNETTE to offer the benefits of CBD? Buckle up, because this is the story of a grandmother like no other!

THEIR STORY - The Incredible Adventure of JEANNETTE

They are not mere mortals, they are the creators of natural solutions that challenge everyday ailments. Insomnia ? Stress ? Pain? Mold concentration? (Oops, sorry, we meant “lack of energy”). These modern superheroes are on a mission: to make life healthier, one drop of CBD at a time.

Inspired by the ancestral knowledge of our dear grandmothers (yes, the ones who thought garlic could cure everything), they spent months concocting magical hemp-based potions. And no, we're not talking about the variety you find in your neighborhood, but carefully chosen, premium quality hemp.

JEANNETTE Oils - Your Personalized Magic Potion

They are not here to play coy with their Night, Treatment, Relax and Focus oils. Besides, they look like members of a superhero team, right? Imagine “Super Nuit” which arrives to help you fall asleep peacefully, or “Captain Focus” which helps you chase away distractions. With such a team in hand, even the Avengers could put themselves out of work.

These oils are not only composed of the best hemp molecules, but also a careful selection of medicinal plants. A natural synergy worthy of a well-coordinated rock group. They are ready to combat the stress and hassles of daily life with a smile!

The Mystery of the Name - Why JEANNETTE?

Now, the question that burns on everyone's lips (and perhaps our grandmothers' arthritic fingers): Why JEANNETTE? Don't panic, there's no conspiracy here. It’s actually a loving tribute to the grandmother of one of the founders. Her grandmother was so incredible that her fingers were the first to benefit from the miracles of the Treatment oil to relieve her osteoarthritis. Nothing like a grandmother to highlight the power of ancient wisdom!


They are modest, but they have reason to be. At JEANNETTE, quality is their credo. They didn't just decide to use hemp leaves picked up randomly from the nearby field. No, they collaborate with French hemp producers, plant experts from around the world and COFRAC masters to bring you the crème de la crème when it comes to CBD.

Their formulas? Developed with love by them and validated by naturopaths and herbalists who do not just pronounce esoteric incantations. Hundreds of French people tested and approved their magic potions before they hit the market. And guess what? Even their packaging is recyclable. Mother Nature would be proud.

Top-Flight Hemp - No Trip, Just Well-Being

Make way for a round of applause for their French-grown hemp, with as much love as if it were a selfie plant. Raised organically, it is purified using supercritical CO2 extraction. In less scientific terms, this means that the THC level is 0.0%, so no psychedelic "trip", just pure serenity.

On the Road to Well-Being with JEANNETTE

So, if you are looking for a natural and effective solution for your daily worries, don't forget the name: JEANNETTE. It's like the CBD superhero, but without the cape. Head to Montpellier, France, for a dose of plant-based magic that's sure to make you smile. Hey, even if it doesn't work out, at least you'll have a great story to tell your grandkids. And who knows, maybe one day they will name a brand after you - "Papy Pépé CBD", sounds good, right?
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