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Positioning of national production in relation to French vs. foreign Cannabis

In the wonderful world of cannabis, where connoisseurs delight in the flavor of a good old French strain and entrepreneurs see golden opportunities in every green leaf, a burning question emerges: how does domestic production stack up against foreign ones? ? For all those who dream of green plantations under the French sun or who wonder about the local impact of this growing industry, this article will provide answers. It will be a valuable guide in navigating the sometimes murky waters of the national and international cannabis market.

National cannabis production

According to a study by Le Monde in 2019, national cannabis production has experienced an unexpected boom. One could almost imagine French farmers swapping their berets for caps bearing the image of Bob Marley and transforming their wheat fields into green plantations.

  • Should French wine fear cannabis as a new rival?
  • Will cows be replaced by marijuana plants in our prairies?
  • Will we soon have to learn how to roll a joint during civics classes in college?
  • Will we all be forced to listen to reggae on repeat while we enjoy our well-made Camembert?
  • And above all, how are we going to explain to foreign tourists that no, it's not because we produce cannabis that we are necessarily cool...

A funny and ironic future that gives food for thought...

Foreign Cannabis

Ah, foreign cannabis! It's a bit like comparing a French baguette to American sandwich bread. There's something undeniably exotic and appealing about the idea of ​​smoking herbs that grew in faraway lands.

It's easy to imagine our friends the Californian hippies, hair blowing in the wind, growing their plants under the radiant west coast sun. Or these sturdy and determined Canadian farmers who brave the freezing temperatures to bring us their precious harvest.

But let's not be fooled! If you scratch the golden surface of this idyllic image a little, you quickly discover that not everything is as rosy as it seems in the world of foreign cannabis.

It is important to understand that each country has its own rules regarding cannabis cultivation. And these can vary greatly from one place to another: pesticides authorized or not, quality controls more or less rigorous... So many elements which can influence the final quality of the product.

So yes , perhaps smoking this imported joint gives a feeling of escape and takes the taste buds on a journey... But is it really enough? to compensate for all these risks?

Market comparison

A Quality Duel

Could the quality of French cannabis rival that of foreign products? This is a question worth asking. The answer, as surprising as it may be, is Yes . French cannabis has distinguished itself by its unique flavor and his controlled THC levels , thus providing a safer product for consumers.

Regulations: A Two-Speed ​​Game

The second round concerns the regulations and legislation in force in each country. In France, the cannabis market remains largely regulated by restrictive laws (thc rate < 0.3%) while abroad - notably in the Netherlands and Canada - legalization has enabled an explosion in the cannabis industry. This difference creates uneven ground where our beloved national production struggles to assert itself.

The Green Economy: A Gold Mine?

Let's talk about the economy and investment opportunities because, after all, that's where the crux of the matter lies! The green economy linked to cannabis represents a colossal financial potential still untapped in France unlike certain European countries which have already seized this opportunity following their legalization of recreational cannabis . So even if for the moment our dear France seems to be the ugly duckling against the foreign giants of the cannabis sector, we must not forget that each competition has its share of surprises... Who knows what the future has in store for us?

The impact on local consumption

National cannabis production, a business that is driving the French economy! According to a recent study by Franceinfo (2021), our dear country of Camembert and baguettes is entering the cannabis race.

This is a real boost for the French regions which are seeing their local economy boosted by this new green windfall. Local consumers, faithful to their Gallic habits, largely prefer the national product to foreign varieties. A patriotic choice? Maybe not.

  • Taste : The French terroir gives a unique aroma to our national herb.
  • The quality : Our producers are keen to offer an organic and natural product.
  • Employment: Buying local means supporting employment in our countryside.
  • The price : Less transport means fewer carbon emissions and therefore lower costs for the consumer.

It seems that it is rather a question of ecological and economic common sense. That said, we must not forget that we are talking here about a substance that is illegal in France... However, this has not stopped certain daring (or unconscious) entrepreneurs from investing in this promising sector.

If you are a fan of the forbidden green pleasure but concerned about the climate or simply patriotic to the core... You now know what to do!

Future of French vs. foreign Cannabis

France, future queen of cannabis?

You could almost see the French cannabis fields stretching as far as the eye can see. Imagine for a moment: lush plantations under the Provençal sun, farmers in green berets lovingly cultivating this plant with multiple virtues. An idyllic picture which could well materialize in the near future. The French forecast trend leans towards a gradual and controlled legalization of medical cannabis to be creative. A boon for the national economy which would see the blossoming (that is true) of a promising new industry.

A photo of a cannabis field with French and foreign plants, representing the positioning of national production. The photo is realistic

Is the grass greener elsewhere?

Meanwhile, on the international scene, there is a rush for...green gold! Countries like Canada or Uruguay have already taken the plunge by completely legalizing this controversial plant and are benefiting from a significant financial windfall. Other nations appear ready to follow suit while some conservatives still cringe at these “dubious” international prospects. The race for global leadership in the cannabis market is on! It remains to be seen whether our dear homeland will be able to do well...

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