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Consequences of the black market for cannabis in France

Ah, the sweet smell of illegal cannabis! A perfume that attracts a diverse crowd: politicians looking for solutions for the national economy, public health professionals alarmed by the health risks and even ordinary people intrigued by this black market. This text promises to offer unprecedented insight into this burning issue. From economic impacts to avenues for improvement, including the contributing factors to this phenomenon - everything is there to satisfy your insatiable curiosity. So, ready for a trip into the heart of the greenish fog?

Size of the problem

Ah, the black market cannabis in France ! A case as big as Kanye West's ego and just as complex. Imagine a gigantic game of dominoes where each piece represents a transaction illegal . The first domino falls, bringing with it thousands of others into a hellish whirlwind of unforeseen consequences. It's not just a matter of a thriving underground economy . No no ! It's much deeper than that. It is also about the lives disrupted by addiction and the legal complications that invariably arise from illicit trade. And then there is the impact on the public health - imagine all these innocent lungs filled with gray and thick smoke like a London morning fog... Ah what a desolate spectacle!

Economic impacts

A photo of a dark street at night, with hooded individuals discreetly exchanging sachets on a corner.

A dizzying shortfall

Imagine for a moment, a world where France would be the leading producer of cannabis. According to a study by Le Monde in 2019, the national economy loses several billion euros each year because of the cannabis black market. It's like throwing bags full of money out the windows! The repercussions on the local economy are considerable:

  • Decrease in local investments.
  • Loss of potential creations of jobs.
  • Slump in demand in certain economic sectors.
  • Fall in income for French farmers.
  • Reduced business opportunities for our local businesses.

The State: big loser or future winner?

Now let's talk about the state budget which could be boosted thanks to "green". Imagine all those uncollected taxes evaporating into smoke... literally! Green gold could well fill the empty coffers and thus allow for more equitable redistribution. But now, our dear country seems to prefer to import rather than produce its own cannabis. A questionable strategic choice when we know that made in France has always been popular with consumers.

Public health at risk

Ah, public health! This noble ideal which is shattered in the face of the black market in cannabis. Imagine for a moment: thousands of French people, innocent and carefree, find themselves smoking cut grass with anything. Plaster? Why not. Sawdust? Certainly !

And in the meantime, hospitals are overwhelmed by a wave of food poisoning caused by poorly dosed brownies sold undercover in the dark and sordid streets of our cities.

While we could have strict control over the quality of the product if its sale were regulated... Oh no, sorry! You definitely shouldn't think about that! Instead, let's continue to play apprentice chemists in our kitchen or better yet, let's entrust our health to expert hands of local dealers .

What a great illustration of the principle “ prevention is better than cure ”, isn’t it?

Contributing factors

The law, this great comic

Ah, French legislation on cannabis! A real sketch. Stiff as a century-old oak tree and just as effective as a toilet paper umbrella during a torrential downpour. Despite a ban strict about its consumption, our dear country proudly rises to second place on the European podium for the biggest cannabis consumers. Good job guys ! We can say that illegality has never scared the French.

Social culture: when the joint is passed around

And then there is this social culture of cannabis which is almost as anchored in our morals as that of wine or cheese. Who has never seen a group of friends sharing a joint at a party? It has almost become a national tradition in the same way as raclette in winter Or barbecues in summer ! This tacit acceptance largely contributes to fueling the black market.

Supply and demand: a joke without a punchline

Let's talk about the balance between supply and demand... or rather imbalance I should say! France has around 1 million regular users but no legal offer to meet this growing demand. Result? The black market rubs its hands with it (and probably something else) while we happily continue to pretend it doesn't exist.

Improvements Track

Ah, France, country of wine and cheese... but also of one of the most flourishing black markets in Europe for cannabis . A recent study by Le Figaro (2018) highlighted that this market fuels criminal networks and promotes violence. Not a very rosy picture, is it?

  • First, controlled legalization could be considered. This would prevent money from ending up in the pockets of criminals.
  • Secondly, an educational program on the dangers of excessive consumption could see the light of day. It would thus be possible to inform without demonizing.
  • Thirdly, Establishing a specific taxation system for legalized cannabis could help replenish our public coffers.
  • Fourth track: encourage medical research into medical cannabis which is still too underdeveloped in our beautiful country.
These suggestions are far from perfect and will certainly spark heated debates between supporters of legalization and fierce opponents of drugs. However, they have already proven themselves elsewhere such as in Canada or the Netherlands where they seem rather satisfied with their policy towards cannabis. So yes it’s true we can say to ourselves “France is neither Canada nor the Netherlands”. Certainly ! However, it might be time for us Gauls resistant to change to seriously consider these options before the black market in cannabis transforms our sweet France into an episode of Breaking Bad.
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