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The benefits of CBD on physical and mental health

In a time as stressful as ours, who wouldn't look for a little boost of peace and quiet? Before we see the lotus leaves disappear on the shelves, another natural ally could well steal the show. No surprise, this ally also comes from plants (what were you thinking?). Yeah, hold on tight, CBD, often misunderstood and misunderstood, seems to be an almost magical potion for our physical and mental well-being. Come on, let's dive into this whirlwind of medicinal greenery.

THE origins CBD and its use

Hey, have you ever tried to guess the origin good old cannabinoid called CBD? Far from the image of the stoner slumped on the couch, the history of CBD has more to do with plants wild and hunter-gatherers of antiquity. In fact, the origin of this miraculous product dates back to a time when our ancestors used everything that nature offered them to relieve their pain .

Would it be wrong to think that CBD, or cannabidiol, for close friends, was made by a bunch of hippies in California in the 60s? Wrong road, friend! CBD actually finds its birthplace in the green hills of West Asia, precisely in a plant named Cannabis sativa . Think about it for a minute: the cannabis was there, long before all of us, to relieve the pain people and provide them with sleep repairer. It is CBD which, over time, has proven to be the most promising for its properties therapeutic , without effects psychoactive from its cousin THC.

It doesn't matter that man has bionic limbs and is able to send cars into space thanks to Elon Musk, the return to cures natural is obvious. And that’s where CBD comes into play. No, it is not a product of a new era of science, or even a newly discovered miracle cure. It is a natural solution, coming from a plant ancient which, like wine, has only improved with time. It's as beautiful as an adventure novel, isn't it?

So, for a complete definition of CBD , we could say, while remaining funny and pragmatic: "It's man's best friend", and you know what? That's not that far from the truth.

The physical benefits of CBD

THE CBD is the new Swiss army knife of modern medicine... but totally natural! Just like wine can reduce the risk of osteoarthritis (as long as you're not a professional sommelier), studies, like this one from Healthline in 2020, clearly demonstrate how this small dynamic molecule sweeps away chronic pain . Indeed, it cheerfully interacts with pain receptors in our brain and our the nervous system, bringing a reduction consequence of pain.

Relieve the tension? It's easier than undoing your earphone cord after leaving it in your pocket for too long. Like a peaceful gardener, the CBD meticulously prunes the weeds of stress and anxiety in your mind, leaving a peaceful landscape of serenity.

The impact on your skin should not be ignored either! A mine dried out by the spray of stress can be reborn under the beneficial influence of CBD . To give you a clearer idea, here is a list of the main virtues of this tiny miracle agent:
    • It softens the skin like a moisturizer bath.
    • It can reduce the redness of the skin faster than the time it would take you to say 'anti-inflammatory'.
    • It gives you a glow that could rival the summer sun (be careful not to look directly in the mirror).
    • It can even help with acne (sorry, traumatized pimply '90s teen).
    • And to top it all off, it helps regenerate and repair the cells of the skin (an elixir of youth, it seems).
And if this little accelerated course of “Performances of CBD 101" hasn't convinced you, I don't know what will. Eat happily and in good health!

The mental benefits of CBD

Own a good mental health is like holding the winning ticket of the lottery, and the CBD seems to promise us access to this inner wealth . Tragic joy, how can we not laugh at this insane pretension? However, it seems that CBD humor in this area should not be taken lightly.

Some see this substance as a potential ally against depression , this sad waltz that traps so many men and women. Ironic, isn't it? After all, most of us associate cannabis derivatives with 'laziness'. However, CBD, this comic of service, does the exact opposite. Taking CBD would turn off this mournful melody in our heads and give way to a burst of sincere laughter .

A second mental benefit of CBD would be, get this, relaxation . The image of the teenager sprawled on a sofa, bursting out laughing at an uninteresting film, is being called into question. Rather, CBD seems to invite us to a ball in a lavender field, at sunset, a ball where we feel light and relaxed .

All this is already very curious, but it is nothing compared to the latest feat of CBD. Behind his jokes and his relaxing aura, the cannabidiol could also help improve concentration and memory . You could almost see him as a teacher disguised as a clown, the one who can make you remember the Pythagorean theorem while making you laugh out loud. 'Focus,' CBD exclaims, and it seems that listening to this injunction could work wonders.

Amazing, isn't it? This substance seems to do everything to seduce us. So, let's have a little laugh with CBD and take the time to seriously study its promises. Who knows, maybe this prankster really has something to offer.

The use of CBD for specific pathologies

Benefits of CBD for Fibromyalgia

Have you ever met someone suffering from fibromyalgia ? It's more than just muscle pain, my friends. The number one suspect in this painful crime could be your beloved neurotransmitter, serotonin. Like any complicated love story, it becomes unbalanced when love at first sight strikes: fibromyalgia . But wait, our cannabidiol superhero, or CBD for close friends, intervenes. Without melodrama, it rekindles the flame of serotonin, soothing aches and pains. So, brainwave lapping enthusiasts, send a message to your migraine : THE CBD is in the place !

CBD for anxiety and stress

Anxiety is like a mischievous little monkey that tickles our brain, distracts us and manages to take away our inner zen. Our body and our mind are then lost in a dark forest, our nerves on edge... Second scene: the CBD comes into play, a quiet explorer, who knows where to put his feet in the jungle of neurotransmitters. It restores harmony, nods to stress and calms anxiety, making the "king of the jungle" a gentle walk in the park.

The role of CBD on sleep disorders

Ah, insomnia. This night owl that keeps us awake, making every night a true neuronal rave party. And if the CBD was the watchman of waking dreams, with the mission of putting the bird to bed? It seems that he plays this role wonderfully, driving insomnia out of the club and replacing her with soft, fuzzy sheep to count.

Interestingly, several recent research suggests that the CBD could have potential application in the treatment of different chronic diseases . Only mention the involvement of CBD in conditions such as cancer and the diabetes is just a glimpse of a bigger picture that is slowly taking shape. Let's be careful, wait for the research, and for now, let's be grateful for the benefits that CBD has already proven.
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