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An essential warning for drivers and consumers in Brest!

Dear drivers and consumers of Brest, we would like to draw your attention to a recent decision by the Court of Cassation which may have serious consequences for you. It is crucial to consider the implications of this decision, as it directly relates to driving under the influence of drugs and the consumption of hemp flowers, resin or extract containing CBD.

The dangerous repercussions:

Now, if traces of THC are detected in your body by a saliva test, you could be charged with driving under the influence, even if these traces are linked to taking CBD, which is legal. The consequences can be devastating:

  • up to two years in prison
  • a fine of up to 4500 euros
  • the loss of 6 points on your license
  • even the cancellation or suspension thereof.

These sanctions can upset your life and your freedom.

Call for vigilance and responsibility:

Faced with this reality, it is essential to be extremely vigilant and to make a clear choice between the consumption of CBD and driving.

Your safety, as well as that of other road users, is a top priority.

Opting for responsible driving means becoming aware of the risks involved and acting accordingly. You have the power to protect your freedom and preserve your driver's license.

HerBeevor by your side:

At HerBeevor, we understand the issues related to this decision and the confusion made between CBD cannabis and THC cannabis by the authorities. We want to support all drivers and consumers in Brest who want to stop their THC consumption and turn to legal, non-psychoactive and quality alternatives. We are here to support you in this transition and offer you safe and THC-free products.

Share this crucial information:

We encourage you to share this crucial information with your relatives, friends and colleagues in Brest, in order to make them aware of the risks involved. By disseminating this information, we are working together for a better understanding and responsible conduct. Road safety is everyone's business, and every informed person contributes to everyone's protection.

To remember :

The decision of the Court of Cassation reminds us of the importance of being aware of the consequences and of making responsible choices. As drivers and consumers of Brest, it is crucial to take this situation into account and take the necessary measures to ensure your safety and that of others on the roads. HerBeevor is at your side to support you in this process and provide you with legal and THC-free products.

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