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The Council of State approves the legal sale of CBD flowers in France!

This is a huge victory for wellness enthusiasts in France! The Council of State has given the green light for the legal sale of CBD flowers. After a long wait and an in-depth assessment, the Council of State has concluded that the consumption of these products poses no risk to public health. Take advantage of this opportunity to improve your quality of life with CBD!

CBD flowers and leaves: an authorized market in France

The decision of the Council of State

  • The Council of State publishes a decree authorizing the sale of flowers and leaves of CBD, a non-psychotropic molecule of cannabis
  • CBD has relaxing properties, but does not have a psychotropic or addictive effect

Relief for hemp growers

  • Kévin Knut, hemp farmer, is delighted with the decision
  • Flowers represent an important part of the market for producers
  • Consumers will be reassured by this order

A legal battle

  • In 2021, an interministerial decree prohibits the sale in the "raw state" of cannabis flowers
  • The decree is suspended in 2022 and canceled by the Council of State in December 2023
  • The consumption of this type of product does not pose a risk to public health, according to the Council of State

A sector to develop

  • CBD flowers make up 50% of sales at some stores
  • Mickaël Tabeling, shop owner, wants a legislative framework for imports and controls
  • CBD is also available in other forms, such as oil or capsules.

Join the growing community of people who have discovered the benefits of CBD by taking advantage of this historic opportunity. We wish you happy holidays and an even greater next year with CBD.

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