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CBD cat oils are products made specifically for cats that contain cannabidiol (CBD). These oils can help relieve pain, stress, and anxiety in cats, as well as improve their overall quality of life. CBD cat oils are made from high-quality hemp extracts and can be given directly into the cat's mouth or mixed into their food. Premium products are lab tested to ensure accurate CBD content and optimal safety for cats.

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  • When can CBD oil be offered to your cat? 🐱💧

    Often considered a miracle cure by some brands, CBD oil is not a universal solution to treat all of your cat's ailments, including cancer. Although some veterinarians and users recommend it to relieve various ailments in cats, its use is specific and must be evaluated. Before rushing to try it on your feline, it is essential to speak with your veterinarian who will give you his opinion on its use and dosage. Find relevant information on .

    Soothe your kitten's stress 🐾😺

    Many veterinarians have experimented with CBD oil as an adjunct to medical treatment to ease anxiety in cats and dogs. Although publications are still few in number, a study published in 2012 tends to show the relaxing effect of the molecule on cats. It could also promote more restful sleep, helping to optimize their precious hours of rest.

    Relieve joint pain 🦴🌼

    Although no studies have yet been carried out on the effect of CBD on cats suffering from osteoarthritis or arthritis, scientists believe that cannabidiol oil could be beneficial for our little felines. For this, they rely on a 2020 study on the benefits of cannabidiol oil which concerned… dogs. Possessing anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, the oil could therefore be useful in relieving joint pain in our four-legged companions.

    Reduce epileptic seizures🌌🧠

    Tested in humans and proven to be effective, cannabis oil can also reduce epileptic seizures in our canine companions. A 2019 study demonstrated a reduction in seizures and their intensity in 89% of dogs suffering from this problem. Mammals such as cats, dogs or ourselves have cannabinoid receptors, many professionals believe that CBD could have the same effectiveness for felines suffering from epilepsy.

    Finally, CBD is known to relieve your pet in the event of nausea and vomiting caused by medication or to restore their appetite. For all other cases, CBD would be of no use, except to alleviate the pain of an illness thanks to its analgesic properties.

    Is CBD oil safe for your cat? 🚫🐾

    Offering CBD oil to your cat must be done with the agreement of your veterinarian and should in no way replace the treatment he or she has prescribed. Indeed, your pet's healthcare professional knows what interactions can cause his prescription and the active ingredients of cannabidiol. In addition, even temporarily stopping the treatment given to your mistigri could harm its recovery. Self-medication, even with plants, can be harmful to our pets.

    No risk for your feline's health ❌🐱

    Unlike THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD is not intended to get its user high. It is also THC that proves to be harmful and lethal for the cat or dog that consumes it. CBD oil obtained from hemp and not cannabis contains a very low percentage of THC, less than 0.3%. However, to avoid psychotropic effects and ensure the safety of your cat, it is preferable to choose an oil that does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol at all.

    Much less toxic than cannabis, your cat is therefore not at risk of overdose if you encounter a dosage problem. However, it could cause disruption of its digestive functions. To avoid this inconvenience, it is best to start with gradual habituation and respect the dosage according to the weight of your pet. Finally, CBD oil does not create dependence in its user.

    How to dose and deliver CBD oil to your cat? ⚖️🐈

    For a good result and for your cat to benefit from the benefits of CBD oil, a course of 3 weeks to a month is recommended. To avoid any indigestion and obtain optimal results, favor a drop of oil in the feline's cheek. For your pet's well-being, choose a non-GMO and organic oil designed for animals, not humans. The number of drops depends on the weight of the animal. At first, one or two drops will be enough to check tolerance to CBD. Then gradually increase to the recommended dosage. This gradual approach provides your pet with all the benefits of CBD oil, without any side effects.

    CBD oil: a comfort medication?💆‍♂️🐾

    To date, few studies have been published to highlight the benefits or harms of using CBD oil to relieve cat ailments such as anxiety, reducing chronic pain or seizures. of epilepsy. Most studies concern mice, rats, dogs, but few concern the real effects on our "velvet paws". Considered as comfort medication, the products available on **** do not need to prove their effectiveness like a prescription medication would. It is therefore difficult to find quantitative studies on the effectiveness of CBD oil for our feline companions. If you want to soothe your cat and alleviate its joint or rheumatic pain, ask your veterinarian for advice. He will be able to recommend the most suitable and recognized products for the health of your little feline.

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