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Asabio - Revitalizing and moisturizing cream

Asabio - Revitalizing and moisturizing cream

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Asabio is a 100% natural revitalizing and moisturizing cream. Enriched with cold-pressed hemp oil rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, it protects your epidermis and strengthens its structure. CBD and natural vitamin C from organic Sicilian lemon give your skin antioxidant action and prevent aging. Relieve and repair in a single gesture for soft and silky skin!

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Asabio - Revitalizing and moisturizing cream

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Strong points

Asabio Hand & Nail Repair Cream is 100% organic and contains natural ingredients such as shea butter and cold pressed hemp seed oil.

It also contains CBD, which provides an antioxidant and regenerating action recognized by many recent studies.

It deeply moisturizes, nourishes and repairs hands damaged by daily aggressions.

It can also be used to strengthen the nails.

It is easy to use

Our tips for use

Apply the cream to clean, dry hands.

Massage in gently, insisting on the driest or damaged areas.

Use the cream regularly, especially after washing your hands or exposed to external aggressions.

Also apply to the nails to boost their health.

Use the cream regularly for optimal results.


Shea butter: rich in fatty acids, it deeply moisturizes and nourishes the epidermis of the hands.

Hemp seed oil: cold pressed in a natural and ancestral way, it deeply hydrates your epidermis thanks to its significant contribution of vitamins, proteins, minerals and fatty acids.

CBD (Cannabidiol): one of the cannabinoids contained in hemp, it provides an antioxidant and regenerating action recognized by numerous recent studies, as well as an anti-inflammatory action to relieve the hands.

Other natural ingredients such as vegetable oils and plant extracts to enhance the moisturizing and nourishing properties of the cream.

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