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Green Carpathes

E-liquid Booster cbd 10mL 10% - Green Carpathes

E-liquid Booster cbd 10mL 10% - Green Carpathes

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The E-liquid Booster cbd 10mL 10% - Green Carpathes will make you feel more soothed and well placed to relax. Its 10% CBD content is an instant relief that will bring you inner calm and lasting relaxation. Since it is a booster, it is easy to mix with any other e-liquid to enjoy the benefits of CBD. Start to lighten your mind and release your stress!

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E-liquid Booster cbd 10mL 10% - Green Carpathes


Strong points

The highlights of using the Green Carpathes CBD booster are as follows:

Quality of CBD: The Green Carpathes CBD booster offers superior quality of CBD, extracted from carefully selected hemp plants. This guarantees a high concentration and optimal purity of the CBD in your e-liquid.

Adaptability: Thanks to the clear dosage instructions, you can easily adjust the amount of Green Carpathes CBD booster to mix with your base or e-liquid. This allows you to customize the dosage to your specific preferences and needs.

Compatibility: The Green Carpathes CBD booster is designed for use with a wide range of electronic cigarettes. It is recommended to use a resistance greater than 1 ohm and moderate power, which makes the booster compatible with many models on the market.

In summary, the Green Carpathes CBD booster stands out for its quality, adaptability, compatibility and ability to provide an optimal vaping experience. Enjoy the many benefits of CBD while savoring the delicious aromas of Green Carpathes.

Tips for use

How to use the Green Carpathes CBD booster optimally:

To fully benefit from the benefits of the Green Carpathes CBD booster, it is important to follow these practical tips:

1. Choose a suitable electronic cigarette using a resistance greater than 1 ohm and a moderate power, ideally between 10 and 20 watts. This approach prevents the liquid from overheating and preserves the quality of the CBD.

2. Select a neutral nicotine-free base or a nicotine-free e-liquid with a PG/VG ratio compatible with your electronic cigarette. It is crucial to check the compatibility of your clearomizer for indirect inhalation with an e-liquid whose VG content does not exceed 50%. Furthermore, make sure that your resistance is adapted to the type of e-liquid you are vaping. Remember that PG (propylene glycol) makes CBD easier to transport, while VG (vegetable glycerin) produces more vapor.

3. Calculate the quantity of booster to add to your base or your e-liquid based on the desired dosage. For example, to obtain an e-liquid containing 100 mg/ml of CBD, mix 1 ml of booster with 9 ml of base or e-liquid. To obtain a lower or higher dosage, simply adapt the proportions accordingly.

4. Carefully pour the booster into the vial containing the base or e-liquid, then mix thoroughly. Shake vigorously for a few minutes to perfectly homogenize the mixture.

5. Let your e-liquid rest before using it. It is recommended to let it sit for at least 24 hours, allowing the aromas to diffuse optimally.

With these simple tips, you will be able to use the Green Carpathes CBD booster effectively, ensuring a pleasant and beneficial vaping experience. Take full advantage of the properties of CBD and the quality aroma offered by Green Carpathes.


Discover the world of personalized flavors by adding the Green Carpathes CBD booster to your favorite base. Thanks to its flavor-free formulation, you have the power to create unique combinations by integrating your own flavors. Let your imagination run wild and explore a world of tailor-made taste delights.

Opt for the perfect dosage!

Save money by creating your own CBD liquid with our DIY calculator! Our booster will allow you to save considerable money by creating your own CBD liquid!

Free yourself from tobacco

Say goodbye to smoke!

Free yourself from tobacco with Green Carpathes! Our 10mL 10% CBD Booster E-liquid is your best ally to say goodbye to smoke. Thanks to the calming properties of CBD, you can consider a smooth transition away from traditional cigarettes. It's the start of a life without tobacco, without combustion or compromise. Say hello to a new era of relaxation, where CBD can help you overcome nicotine addiction with a smile.

Absolute well-being

Relaxation awaits!

Relaxation awaits! Green Carpathes Booster 10mL 10% CBD E-liquid offers you absolute well-being. Our relaxing formula is like a meditation session for your senses. You will be ready to relax and embrace each moment with serenity. Say goodbye to stress and welcome general well-being with a smile.

Choose satisfaction without combustion

No combustion, only satisfaction!

No combustion, only satisfaction! With the E-liquid Booster 10mL 10% CBD from Green Carpathes, you choose satisfaction without the disadvantages of burning tobacco. Our innovative formula is like a breath of fresh air for your lungs. You'll be ready to enjoy CBD without the toxins of tobacco. Say goodbye to smoke and welcome pure satisfaction with a smile.

Determined to Break the Chains of Tobacco? Discover the Healthy Alternative!

We understand that quitting smoking can be a difficult step, but you don't have to do it alone. This is why we are proud to present our 10mL 10% CBD Booster E-liquid from the Green Carpathes brand. With our product, discover how you can say goodbye to tobacco while enjoying benefits for your general well-being.

Get rid of tobacco, find serenity, choose health:

  1. Quitting Smoking : Quitting a tobacco addiction can be a daunting challenge, but our CBD E-liquid is designed to support you throughout the process.
  2. Relaxation and General Well-Being : CBD is known for its relaxing effects. Enjoy a feeling of relaxation while taking care of yourself.
  3. No Combustion Like Tobacco : By opting for our E-liquid, you avoid the harmful combustion of tobacco, thus preserving your health.

The Benefits of the E-liquid Booster 10mL 10% CBD Green Carpathes:

  • Support for Stopping Smoking : Our E-liquid is a healthy alternative to help reduce or stop smoking.
  • Relaxation and Serenity : CBD promotes a state of well-being, helping you cope with stressful situations.
  • Gourmet Flavors : Discover delicious flavors and a pleasant vaping experience.
  • No Harmful Combustion : Our E-liquid does not involve combustion, which means no smoke or tar.
  • Free yourself : Our E-liquid is here to support you in your quest for a tobacco-free life.

Choose Freedom, Try our CBD E-liquid, by clicking on add to cart!

Say goodbye to tobacco while taking care of your well-being. Join the healthy vaping revolution with the E-liquid Booster 10mL 10% CBD Green Carpathes. Your health and your freedom deserve the best alternative.

  • Vaping with Peace of Mind: The Benefits of 10% CBD Booster E-liquid

    Natural Relaxation : CBD is known for its soothing and anti-stress properties. Vaping CBD Booster 10% E-liquid can offer a natural way to relax the mind and body, ideal for soothing everyday tensions.

    Anxiety Management : Many people report positive effects on anxiety using CBD. Booster CBD 10% E-liquid could potentially help reduce feelings of anxiety and promote an overall feeling of calm.

    Sleep Support : If you struggle to get a good night's sleep, CBD could be a solution. Booster CBD 10% E-liquid can help regulate the sleep cycle, helping you rest more effectively.

  • Use and Precautions

    Using the Booster CBD 10% E-liquid is simple, providing a relaxing vaping experience. You can add it to your favorite e-liquid by following these essential precautions:

    Cautious Dosage: Start with modest doses and gradually increase based on your tolerance and personal needs. It is essential to discover the amount that best suits your well-being.

    Professional Consultation: Before incorporating CBD into your vaping routine, it is strongly recommended to consult a healthcare professional, especially if you are taking other medications. They can provide you with sound advice for safe use. Your health is our priority.

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