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Wedding Cake Frozen CBD Flowers - Indoor

Wedding Cake Frozen CBD Flowers - Indoor

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You have a taste for luxury with the Flowers Wedding Cake Frozen CBD Indoor! A unique sweetness with sweet notes of terpenes and an exceptional smell. It's the perfect combination for a big wedding! Enjoy the unique sweetness of Frozen CBD Wedding Cake! Yum!

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Wedding Cake Frozen CBD Flowers - Indoor


According to the legend...

In the snow-capped peaks of the most remote mountains, an extraordinary CBD cannabis strain, known as "Frozen Wedding Cake", was revered by the inhabitants of the icy regions. This mysterious plant was celebrated for its unique marriage of sweet flavors and powerful soothing properties, a true treasure of nature.

Legend has it that the first seeds of Wedding Cake Frozen were discovered by a brave explorer who ventured into the polar regions. He marveled at the frosty petals and crystalline buds of the plant, which seemed to sparkle like diamonds in the winter light.

What made this strain so extraordinary was its unique blend of flavors. The Wedding Cake Frozen buds gave off a sweet aroma, reminiscent of wedding cake icing, with a subtle hint of winter freshness. These sweet flavors evoked celebration and joy, inviting those who breathed them to relax and appreciate the present moment.

The growers of Wedding Cake Frozen, like guardians of tradition, took great care of this plant. They knew that each bud was a promise of tranquility and comfort to those who needed it. The variety was harvested by hand, respecting nature, then carefully dried to preserve its potency.

The effect of this strain was just as exceptional as its flavors. Wedding Cake Frozen was renowned for its calming properties, capable of relaxing the body and mind, like a gentle caress of the winter breeze. It invited peaceful contemplation and inner harmony, making each inhalation a celebration of the soul.

Over time, the legend of Wedding Cake Frozen spread, reminding souls seeking comfort, relaxation and well-being that nature had the power to create unique treasures, even in the dead of winter. rigorous. She embodied the celebration of life, joy and calm, a valuable lesson passed down from generation to generation.

Strong points

Strong points :

Soothing Properties: Wedding Cake Frozen is celebrated for its calming properties, capable of relaxing the body and mind.

Serenity and Relaxation: It invites peaceful contemplation and inner harmony, promoting a state of deep well-being.

Medicinal Potential: Some users seek out Wedding Cake Frozen for its potentially therapeutic properties, particularly for managing anxiety and stress.

Celebration of Life: It embodies the celebration of life, joy and calm, making each inhalation a moment of comfort.

Winter Escape: Its flavors evoking winter freshness and the sweetness of a wedding cake create a unique experience, ideal for a mental escape.

Aromas and smells


Sweet Flavor: Wedding Cake Frozen is known for its sweet aromas, reminiscent of wedding cake icing.

Frosted Aroma: Subtly minty winter freshness notes complete its bouquet, adding a touch of freshness.

Floral Aroma: Some buds of this strain exhibit soft floral undertones, contributing to the complexity of its flavors.

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