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Green Carpathes

Green Carpathians Alpha Oil 12% CBD

Green Carpathians Alpha Oil 12% CBD

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Green Carpathes Alpha 12% CBD Oil is a powerful formula that combines the benefits of CBD with Vitamin D for a complete wellness experience .

It helps relieve tension and strengthen the immune system while supporting bone and dental health . With a high dose of CBD, this oil is ideal for those seeking a maximum relaxation experience.

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Green Carpathians Alpha Oil 12% CBD

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Strong points

Highlights of our Alpha 12% CBD Oil from Green Carpathians include:

"Alpha" formula enriched with CBD and vitamin D for complete well-being.

Helps relieve tension and strengthen the immune system.

Contributes to bone and dental health.

100% natural and made in France
Without risk of overdose.

Our tips for use

Our CBD Alpha 12% oil from Green Carpathes is easy to use thanks to its practical dropper. For optimal use, here are our tips for use:

Shake the bottle before each use to mix the contents well.

Take 3 drops under the tongue and wait a minute before swallowing.
You can also mix a few drops with your food or drinks.

Repeat this several times a day at regular intervals.

Adapt the dosage according to your personal feelings. There is no risk of overdose with our product.


Our Green Carpathians Alpha 12% CBD Oil is made from premium quality ingredients to give you the ultimate wellness experience.

Hemp seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids and nutrients important for health.

Hemp extract, which contains CBD, has been carefully selected for its soothing and regenerative properties.

Vitamin D, on the other hand, contributes to bone and dental health. All our ingredients are natural and of the highest quality to guarantee a healthy and effective product.

Customer Reviews

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Mes dents étaient sensibles au chaud / froid, depuis que je prend cette huile , je n'ai plus aucunes douleurs . Je recommande, cette huile est génial, plus efficace qu'un dentifrice dent sensible.

Nous sommes ravis que notre Huile Alpha 12% CBD Green Carpathes ait été efficace pour réduire la sensibilité de vos dents au chaud et au froid. Votre expérience personnelle est précieuse, et nous sommes heureux de savoir que notre produit a été plus efficace qu'un dentifrice pour les dents sensibles. Si vous avez d'autres questions, des préoccupations ou si vous souhaitez explorer d'autres produits, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter. Votre recommandation est grandement appréciée !

Libérez votre esprit avec notre huile apaisante pour l'âme et le corps

Cure apaisante

L'huile CBD Alpha de Green Carpathes offre une véritable cure d'apaisement pour l'esprit et le corps. Enrichie en CBD et en vitamine D, cette formule unique consolide les os, minéralise les dents et renforce les muscles. Libérez vous des tensions, offrez à votre corps une harmonie naturelle et vivez une expérience de bien-être complète.

Faites briller votre journée avec l'Huile Alpha CBD

Une journée radieuse

L'huile CBD Alpha tire son nom de la première lettre de l'alphabet grec, symbolisant le commencement. Cela reflète parfaitement l'essence de la gamme d'huiles Green Carpathes. Commencez chaque journée avec une goutte d'Alpha pour amorcer votre parcours quotidien vers le bien-être. Une expérience qui transcende le simple rituel, élevant votre journée à une nouvelle hauteur.

Faites rimer plaisir et santé avec notre huile naturelle !

Protection naturelle

L'huile CBD Alpha de Green Carpathes ne se contente pas d'apaiser, elle contribue également au bon fonctionnement de votre système immunitaire. La synergie du CBD et de la vitamine D offre une protection naturelle. Choisissez les huiles CBD Green Carpathes pour prendre soin de votre corps et de votre esprit, et vivez une expérience de bien-être complète, en harmonie avec votre être tout entier.

The effects of CBD and vitamin D on well-being.

Alpha CBD Oil takes its name from the first letter of the Greek alphabet, symbolizing the beginning, which perfectly reflects the essence of their oil range.

The “Alpha” formula enriched with CBD and vitamin D contributes to the consolidation of bones, the mineralization of teeth and muscle strengthening. It offers your body a real soothing cure, releases tension and contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system.

By choosing Green Carpathes CBD oils, you take care of your body and mind by benefiting from the synergistic effects of CBD and vitamin D. Treat yourself to a complete and natural well-being experience, in harmony with your body.

  • Why choose Green Carpathes oils?

    Opt for Green Carpathes CBD oils and choose an exceptional product for your well-being, while preserving our environment. Here's why you should choose their CBD oils:

    1. Premium Quality: They produce their CBD oils in their own laboratory, ensuring the highest level of quality compliant with GMP ISO22716 standard. Each step, from the growth of the plant to the finished product, is carried out with an eco-responsible commitment.

    2. Scientific reliability: All of their products undergo rigorous testing to determine their cannabinoid content. They also provide certificates of analysis, ensuring you have complete transparency on the composition of their CBD oils.

    3. Natural and respectful: Green Carpathes CBD oils are guaranteed natural, vegan, phyto, gluten-free, GMO-free and THC-free. You can therefore use them with complete confidence, knowing that they are adapted to your needs and your values.

    4. Personalized choice: Their CBD oils are available in different concentrations (3%, 6%, 12% and 24%), allowing you to find the one that best suits your preferences and requirements.

    5. French manufacturing: They are proud to produce their CBD oils in France, contributing to the local economy while ensuring high manufacturing standards.
    6. THC-Free and Lab-Tested: Their oils are completely THC-free, ensuring a healthy and legal experience. In addition, they are regularly tested in the laboratory to guarantee their purity and compliance.

    7. 100% natural: Green Carpathes CBD oils come from entirely natural production, thus respecting nature and your well-being.

    By choosing Green Carpathes CBD oils, you are opting for a quality solution, respectful of the environment and adapted to your individual needs. Take care of yourself while preserving our planet with their exceptional oils.

  • Sans THC et testé en laboratoire

    Leurs huiles sont totalement dépourvues de THC, assurant ainsi une expérience saine et légale. De plus, elles sont régulièrement testées en laboratoire pour garantir leur pureté et leur conformité.

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Discover the ultimate exclusivity of Green Carpathes CBD products

Green Carpathes is a company specializing in high quality CBD products. Created in 2017, their two founders, pioneers of CBD in France, brought together a team of 30 employees dedicated to offering the best 100% natural CBD products, without added terpenes and compliant with regulations. Their product range includes CBD oils, shisha products, e-liquids and CBD accessories. Additionally, they also offer an anti-THC spray to meet specific needs. Trust Green Carpathes to discover the benefits of CBD and improve your well-being in a natural way.
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