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THClean - Anti THC Spray

THClean - Anti THC Spray

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Anti THC Spray - THClean: cleans residual traces of THC! Without contravening French law, it helps eliminate extremely minimal traces of THC from CBD consumers. Enjoy the security and peace of mind that THClean provides!

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THClean - Anti THC Spray


Strong points

Strengths of the Anti-THC Spray:

Rapid Effectiveness: Acts in just 30 seconds to eliminate traces of THC.

Detox Solution: Specially designed to eliminate THC residue after cannabis consumption.

Practical capacity: Benefit from 30 ml of product for effective use.

Natural Formula: Made from natural ingredients

Practical to Use: Easy application by putting the spray inside the mouth and passing your tongue all over the inside.

Speed ​​of Action: Quickly eliminates traces of THC thanks to its powerful formula.

Temporary Protection: Effective for 1 hour, providing peace of mind when it comes to saliva tests.

Tips for use

Usage tips :

Apply the spray inside the mouth by running your tongue all over the inside.

Use the spray after consuming cannabis to eliminate traces of THC.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for optimal results.

Remember that using the spray does not automatically guarantee passing a drug test.

Maintain a healthy diet during the detox period to maximize the effects of the spray.


Anti-THC Spray Ingredients:

Denatured alcohol
Melia azadirachta extract
Persian lilac
xanthan gum

Customer Reviews

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goodbye to screening tests

Zero stress, zero THC!

Zero stress, zero THC! With THClean Anti-THC Spray, say goodbye to the worries of positive THC drug tests. Our revolutionary formula eliminates residual traces of THC in an instant. You'll be ready to protect your privacy without compromise. Say goodbye to test anxiety and enjoy THC-free peace of mind.

Maintain your privacy

Privacy, preserved!

Our unique formula eliminates all traces of THC in the mouth, leaving you free to enjoy your relaxation in complete discretion. You'll be ready to relax without compromising your privacy and avoid confusion in a THC-free environment. Say goodbye to worry and hello to confidential relaxation.

Relaxation without confusion

A world without THC residue!

Our formula ensures that you won't leave any trace of THC behind. You'll be ready to relax in peace and enjoy your favorite CBD flowers or resins without the risk of misleading law enforcement. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to unambiguous relaxation.

THClean Anti-THC Spray: Protect your privacy and avoid positive THC tests!

We understand how critical it is to maintain your privacy and protect you from testing positive for THC. The slightest trace of THC can sow confusion, cause unnecessary hassle and compromise your peace of mind. This is why we are proud to present THClean Anti-THC Spray , your ally in eliminating any residual traces of THC.

Your Serenity, Our Priority:

  1. Avoiding positive THC drug tests : THC drug tests are becoming more and more common, whether for professional, medical or legal reasons. Our THClean Anti-THC Spray gives you peace of mind by effectively eliminating residual traces of THC.
  2. Privacy : Your privacy is valuable, and unwanted intrusions are not welcome. Our spray helps you protect your privacy by eliminating any traces of THC that could give you away.
  3. Avoid confusion in a THC-free environment : If you operate in an environment where the presence of THC is prohibited, even small traces can lead to misunderstandings. Our THClean Anti-THC Spray guarantees complete elimination, avoiding unnecessary confusion.

The benefits of THClean Anti-THC Spray:

  • Privacy Protection : Protect your privacy by removing traces of THC efficiently and discreetly.
  • Stay out of trouble : Avoid testing positive for THC, even after previous use.
  • Superior Convenience : THClean Spray is easy to use, discreet and designed to fit seamlessly into your routine.

Preserve your privacy with THClean anti-thc spray, consume CBD with peace of mind!

Peace of mind is within reach with THClean Anti-THC Spray . Don't let traces of THC worry you or compromise your privacy. Protect your peace of mind and eliminate unnecessary hassle. Your life without THC has never been so clear!

Note: THClean products do not contain THC and are intended to eliminate residual traces of THC

  • Decryption of the anti-THC spray: How does it work?

    The anti-THC spray is presented as a rapid detox solution, acting in just 30 seconds to eliminate traces of THC. This mouth spray is specifically formulated to eliminate THC residue after cannabis consumption. With a capacity of 30 ml, this product acts quickly and effectively.

  • Fast action: Eliminate traces of THC quickly with the spray

    This product begins to work as soon as it is used and is highly effective in eliminating traces of THC quickly thanks to its powerful formula. It is also known for its ability to maintain elimination of THC residues for a period of one hour, providing the peace of mind needed to face saliva tests carried out by the authorities.

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