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Vital Vap Katalyzer - Flowers and Resins Vaporizer

Vital Vap Katalyzer - Flowers and Resins Vaporizer

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🌿 Discover the Vital VAP Katalyzer portable CBD vaporizer, the ideal companion for an unrivaled CBD vaporization experience! The Vital VAP Katalyzer is much more than just a vaporizer. Featuring precise heating temperature adjustment, a glass mouthpiece and an OLED screen, it offers total control over your CBD vaporization session, whether you prefer resins, flowers or concentrates of CBD or H4CBD.

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Vital Vap Katalyzer - Flowers and Resins Vaporizer


Strong points

- Up to 60 minutes of continuous pleasure
- 2600 mAh battery
- Capacity of 0.3g
- Precise temperature adjustment up to 240°

Tips for use

Manual :

Using this device is very simple. This has three buttons: the power button and the (+) and (-) buttons.

Switching on/off and temperature adjustment:
Hold the power button 3 seconds to turn on/off, adjust the temperature to your liking with (+) and (-) buttons. Another press starts the heating.

Setting the automatic power off:
Hold the power button and (+) button for 2 seconds to adjust the auto power off (session duration) between 5-10 min.

Change the temperature unit of measurement:
Hold the power button and (-) button for 2 seconds to change the unit of measurement to Celcius ℃ or Farhenheit ℉.


The possible flavors when vaping CBD mainly depend on the types of CBD products used, such as flowers, resins or concentrates, as well as the specific strains of CBD or H4CBD. Here is a general list of common aromas you might encounter when vaping different CBD products:

CBD flowers:

Fruity: Fruit flavors such as citrus (lemon, orange, grapefruit), berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries), mango, etc.
Floral: Notes of flowers and plants such as jasmine, lavender, rose, etc.
Spicy: Flavors of cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, etc.
Earthy: Earthy, grassy and vegetal notes.
Woody: Aromas of wood and cedar.
CBD Resins:

Sweet: Sweet flavors like honey, caramel, brown sugar, etc.
Pine: A fresh, resinous aroma reminiscent of pine forests.
Fruity: Fruity notes similar to those of CBD flowers.
Spicy: Spicy flavors, such as those found in some varieties of resins.
CBD concentrates:

Menthol: A characteristic minty freshness.
Lemony: Citrus aromas, mainly lemon.
Pine: Similar to that of resins, a fresh, resinous aroma.
Specific Terpenes: Some CBD concentrates are formulated to highlight specific terpenes, which can create a variety of unique flavors.
It is important to note that CBD flavors can vary depending on the specific strain, growing and harvesting methods, and extraction processes used. Each CBD product will have its distinct aromatic characteristics, providing a diverse and rewarding vaping experience.

Customer Reviews

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Lucas P.
Très bien

Pratique et efficace

Nous sommes ravis que vous trouviez notre vaporisateur pratique et efficace ! Votre retour positif est très apprécié. Si vous avez besoin de plus de produits CBD ou d'assistance, n'hésitez pas à nous solliciter. Merci d'avoir choisi notre vaporisateur !

🌬️ Comfort and elegance

Immerse yourself in an exceptional vaping experience, where the silky smoothness of the ergonomic glass tip envelops you in luxurious comfort. Each inhalation transports you on a journey of satisfaction, allowing you to fully savor the vaporization in all its elegance and pleasure.

🌟 Quality and efficiency

The Vital VAP Katalyzer is a quality portable CBD vaporizer. Thanks to its ceramic heating chamber, it quickly reaches its maximum temperature of 240℃ in just 25 seconds, giving you an efficient and tasty vaporization. Its OLED screen and intuitive interface further simplify its use, while its slim and robust design makes it one of the most efficient portable vaporizers on the market.

🍃 Versatile and precise

Take full advantage of your favorite CBD herbs, resins and concentrates with the versatility of the Vital VAP Katalyzer. Its robust and precise vaporization instrument guarantees vaporization temperatures perfectly suited to your needs.

Vapoter le CBD comme un pro avec nos astuces faciles à suivre !

Vital Vap - Le Vaporisateur CBD Innovant pour un Bien-être Optimal

Pourquoi Choisir Vital Vap ?

Santé et Bien-être :

Profitez des bienfaits thérapeutiques du CBD avec Vital Vap, qui offre une méthode de consommation pure et efficace. Parfait pour la détente, la gestion du stress et l'amélioration du sommeil.

Technologie Avancée :

Vital Vap utilise une technologie de vaporisation de dernière génération pour garantir une extraction maximale des propriétés bénéfiques du CBD sans substances nocives.

Facilité d'Utilisation :

Conçu pour tous, du débutant à l'expert. Simple d'utilisation, notre vaporisateur vous permet de profiter du CBD où que vous soyez, en toute discrétion et facilité.

  • Buying a Vital VAP vaporizer means receiving:

    • 1 x Vital VAP vaporizer
    • 1 x glass mouthpiece
    • 1 x mouthpiece grille
    • 2 x grills for heating chamber
    • 1 x silicone gasket
    • 1 x cleaning/stirring tool
    • 1 x USB charging cable
    • 1 x user manual in French (and English).
  • Features :

    • Heating chamber: ceramic with integrated heating element
    • Temperature range: 100 → 240 ℃ (212 → 464 ℉)
    • Battery capacity: 2600 mAh 18650 at 3.7 V
    • Charging: micro USB
    • Automatic shutdown: 5 or 10 minutes to choose from
    • OLED display: timer / adjustable temperature / power / current temperature
    • Charging voltage / current: 5.0V / 1A
    • Measurements: ↕ 14.1 x 3.1 x 2.7 cm for 91 g.